Monday, April 2, 2007

Uber Guild vs Zerg Guild? What is it?

People often confuse an Uber Guild with that of a Zerg Guild. A guild who's soul focus is to recruit as many people as possible to bloat their large memberbase and zerg the opposition. That is the generic definition of a true Zerg Guild. In the end, all the guild wants is large numbers by any means possible. An Uber guild is not a zerg guild, although an Uber Guild usually has a large membership and following behind it. They usually rely on skill, organization, and a large memberbase themsevlves but usually attain that over time through strict recruitment policies. Uber Guilds take next to no time at all to build up, but they usually implode as quickly as they were born. It's sort of like having a herd of horny bulls running amok all over the place with little direction, and breeding on a massive scale. lol. Yes, nice analogy huh? An Uber Guild has some sort of order to it, it has structure and a common cause. Some examples would be Fires of Heaven, Solidare, Afterlife, Legion of Steel, among many others. While the Zerg Guild burns bright but dies out just as fast, the Uber Guild is usually quite longlived.

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